Kindred Folk Dance Theatre creates dance and storytelling performances for non-traditional performance venues. Combining folk arts with contemporary styles, we create immersive experiences for our audiences, blurring the line between audience and performer. Our work stems from ideas of culture, identity and community.
All of our work starts from conversations within communities, gathering stories and testimonials to inform the production. We can often be found partnering with libraries and cultural organisations.




We believe that trusting our intuition will lead us down the path that works for everyone whether thats participants, artists or audiences.


We believe imagination allows us to create change, build worlds where we can wonder and respond empathetically to those around us


We believe that Play is for everyone regardless of their age. We play through stories with an understanding that dance says things that sometimes words cannot and words tell us something that dance cannot.


We believe in gently questioning and challenging the familiar is the key to discovering new ideas and gaining deeper understanding.


We believe in giving as much as we can – ideas, space and appreciation for differing views allows us greater flexibility in our outlook and approach.


We believe good communication fosters connection. Through storytelling, listening and collaborating, we give space for everyone to articulate their thoughts, ideas and experiences whether that’s through movement, spoken word or song.

Artistic Director

Emily O'Shea

E Emily O’Shea

Behind the Scenes

Creative Team

A Amy Sheppard

F Felicity Goodman

On the Stage

Company Artists

A Aimee Williamson

L Louise Gibbons

H Hannah Delaney